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3rd Floor Ridge 6, 20 Ncondo Place, Umhlanga Rocks, 4319
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Precious Metals Trading

Gold Trading

Our presence in various sectors of the gold economy and trading creates  opportunities for institutional and individual investors to secure gold as part of their investment portfolio. We process non-conflict stock and to provide a system that address procuring gold in various parts of the African continent.

We have secured a significant supply in tonnage of gold bullion (99.99%) bars against indexed pricing London Metal Bullion Acceptance (LMBA). Our multiple orders have secured buyers at a premium with an attractive margin. We are in the position to secure a continued supply and currently administrate a 3000 Kg order and seek investors to partner in satisfactory contractual obligations. All our transactions are structured for good investor returns against the administration of reliable supply and demand by Blue Chips.

Gold continues to grow in demand as a backing asset for national currencies and in enhancing currency circulation. Investors can also convert their excess currency capital that is losing value, into an asset that holds and gain value.

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High-Value Goods Logistics

We collaborate with high-valued goods cargo carriers and logistics companies, as registered and certified vendors, who are considered the global leaders in their industries. They are highly valued for their state-of-the-art security infrastructure and services, insurance coverage options and their seamless integration of security controls both within and external to the company environment. Our senior management works closely with service providers to ensure execution of logistics by technically skilled and specifically trained personnel.

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