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Nguni Moola Traditional Investments

Nguni Moola Investments Brokerage

This digital investment platform enables any person to buy livestock on any scale and resell it for a guaranteed profit within a minimum prescribed cycle. The livestock cultivation programme is run according to government prescribed feedlot standards, and according to a model that is tried and tested for over 35 years.

Whilst the investment structure is at the lowest possible level, it covers all costs related to farming the livestock, including veterinary costs, transport and trade-secret qualified nutritionist feed, to ensure the livestock fetches A-grade pricing in the meat market.

The live-stock investment matures after an approximately 4-month term, with approximately 10% interest earned. Over a period of a year, the investment return equates to around 30% yield.

In preserving traditional norms and values, wherein wealth is measured by  owning cows, we provide a platform for the purchase of livestock as an investment. The platform is a solution to:

  • The problem of adhering to traditional cultural customs such as related to marriage (ilobolo, lobola) and funerals.
  • The desire to invest and trade in the vibrant livestock, without exorbitant capital outlay

To further ensure the investment is easily affordable, we assist individuals to make investments as a collective. This allows groups to ensure their members are covered in terms of fulfilling traditional customs or trading in an investment that has a return that is hard to beat.

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