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Health Care Assistance

Total-Package Medical Travel

The caring world of Magnus Medi ensures health patients access world-class medical facilities and the best doctors at highly competitive rates. Over a million patients from over 50 countries have benefitted from the best medical tourism hub, to which we are partnered. Our job is to give the patient all the information and support they need before, during and after their treatment. Patients in severe need of medical treatment are screened and approved before undertaking travel for their required surgery. With over 20 years’ experience in the travel industry, we have an innate understanding of the possible issues and hiccups patients could face. Including visas, Forex, SIM cards, language barrier issues etc., in travelling to a different country.

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Continuous Medical Education

Our CMEs are conducted at no cost to the participants as members of the medical fraternity, as well as to key leadership of medical aid schemes and the associated industries. By arrangement with the relevant profession’s body or government agency, our CMEs can be aligned for compliance with the CPD (Continuous Professional Development) for medical practitioners, as per their in-country requirements. Usually our CME events are conducted stand-alone at a high-end venue, and includes networking over a cocktail dinner.

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Medical Consulting Camp

Specialist doctors (e.g. in oncology, cardiology, organ transplants, Neurology, Nephrology, Endocrinology, amongst others) from India, make a formal visit as per the identified specialization need. The MCC is then conducted in a suitable hospital with our team of professionals. To maximize the benefit of this Camp for the host country, we locate the MCC in the vicinity of a large or capital city.

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