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3rd Floor Ridge 6, 20 Ncondo Place, Umhlanga Rocks, 4319
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Distinguishing our service delivery is our openness to building partnerships aimed at creating sustainable wealth. As a partner, we aim to make strategic investments and prefer active participation, which has led to the Group’s broad business portfolio across various sectors of the economy.

Our business portfolio focuses on opportunities with a medium to long-term benefit, whilst protecting our clients from risk exposure. Currently this aspect of our portfolio includes ventures in:

  • Information & Communications Technologies
  • –Industrial projects such as in the production of pulp and paper
  • Catering & Hospitality services including coffee shops and event management
  • Venture capital raising initiatives
  • The development of venture capital partnerships on the African continent

aboutusBeside our internal pool of expertise, we access industry standard collaborators as well as technically outstanding service providers in delivering our services. We also maintain registration with SAIT, CIPC, SARS Tax Practitioners

Our strategic partnerships with leading law firms ensures that our clients access the specialized legal services they require in resolving matters and establishing new opportunities, especially where arrangements are complex.

Through our alliance partners, we are able to offer banking expertise on international level.